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Mondragon y Sanchez WIP by jasjuliet
Mondragon y Sanchez WIP
Some in-progress illustrations for the wonderful movie 'The Book of Life' which totally captivated my heart! Maria is on her way!
Blood Sport by jasjuliet
Blood Sport

AU where Josh and Aidan meet after Josh has killed Douglas and is being kept as the unwilling, resident champion. 

I’d like to think that werewolf blood is more of a narcotic substance whose effect upon the system is poisonous; but temporarily exhilarating when taken in small quantities. A ‘spike’ of sorts. 

It’d make quite a killing, if marketed correctly, and it’s not like you’d need a large supply…But when said caged werewolf suddenly stops eating and claws up anyone who tries to force-feed him, gorging only when the wolf takes over in desperation…

^Said ideas inspired by the series Being Human US, as it addresses the possibilities.

"Do you want freedom?"

Aiden ventured near enough to wrap a hand about a tarnished bar of the wolf’s silver cage, so near that the scents of beast and blood became distinct and poignant to his senses. Bones shifted slow under the blood-caked skin of the wolf’s back as he stirred and lifted his head. Too sharp, his bones, too close to the surface, his ridged spine a disconcerting sight Aiden averted his gaze from as cautious eyes met his own. 

"I think I’d rather die on my own terms.”

His voice was weak, but determined in its defeat.

"I’m not offering to kill you. At this rate you’ll be finished off by one of your own—and soon. It isn’t…very sporting,” Aiden said, the derision in his voice forced, eager for the wolf’s anger, hoping there was still some pride left to goad.

“Yeah, well. I’m sorry I’m not exactly primetime entertainment these days.”

The intensity of his gaze didn’t waver despite the humorless smile that twitched at his lips. It made him look as unhinged as he was starving, and Aiden suddenly wondered at the kind of strength it took to resist one’s core nature.

“Listen to me,” he whispered suddenly, reaching for a slender chain tucked into his collar and holding it through the bars for the wolf to see. “You may have lost the will to fight, but you’re still hanging on to something, aren’t you? You want to survive.”

A solitary, golden Star of David glinted warmly amidst all the silver, and the wolf’s gaze darkened with an emotion Aidan couldn’t read.

“I-I-I thought it was gone…I thought…for sure…”

“I took it your first full moon here-”

“As a trophy?” the wolf demanded, voice harsh with sudden, brief anger as he rose on trembling hands and knees to reach for his necklace. Aidan expected him to snatch it away, but he only rubbed the star between bloodstained fingers, gently enough so as not to stress the chain.

“I took it so that it wouldn’t be broken or trampled during your change,” Aidan murmured after a few moments passed and the wolf had released his star. “There’s no name inscribed-”

“Joshua—or Josh. Does it matter? I tell you my name, you tell me yours, and then what? ‘Wolf’ seems to have suited me just fine until now.”

Suddenly cautious, Josh flattened his back to the opposite end of the cage, bandaged arm jerking near to his chest on reflex. “Is it blood you want? Is that it?”

Aiden pressed close to the bars again, necklace pooled into his palm, searching the shadowed cell earnestly for Josh’s young, weary eyes. 

“You were someone before this. Before your curse, Josh, and it may have been much longer ago, but so was I. I know you want freedom, because you’re young and brash and naive enough  to think you can survive this somehow, although the hunger has weakened your resolve.”

Aiden stared at Josh’s chest, the jaundiced skin, the ribs that yawned beneath his skin with every shallow breath, the bruises, the puncture holes badly bandaged across his arms, and realized that to be free, to be good, he would have to starve. He lifted his gaze to Josh’s guarded expression, perceiving the fear beneath, fear mongered by Aidan’s kind and waged mercilessly on those weaker, those alone. Aiden understood then that penance merely began with hunger. 



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I wake up with a 'Fro every day, I like dogs, and I get a kick out of manly things, for great justice.

Current Residence: Puerto Rico half the year, New York the rest.

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